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What We Offer

You’ve got a winning design, picked your builder, now all you need is a building permit – I can help. I pride myself on my ability to provide thorough assessments of building designs in quick turnaround times. I can also provide inspections services at all stages of the building process. Whether it be your next deck, carport, patio, extension or new home no job is too big or too small.

My assessments are made against all relevant local regulations as well as Australian Building Codes and Standards.

I’m proactive rather than reactive to ensure you and your builder can meet scheduling time frames. 
Need a side boundary relaxation but your builder and architect don’t want to deal with it? 
No worries I’ll deal with it for you!
Need plumbing approval, but your plumber doesn’t want to deal with it?
No worries I’ll deal with it for you!
Aren’t sure if the project will go ahead and don’t want to commit to the approval process? 
No worries, my quotes are valid for 4 months. 
You have every intention of moving on the project but feel like you don’t have enough information and don’t want to commit to the approval process?
No worries, for a small fee I can provide a preliminary assessment of your design that will give you just enough information to highlight what other additional approvals you will be up for. And if you do go ahead, it goes towards the full fee as credit.
If you’re a builder looking for a building certifier that is responsive to your calls, answers your queries, helps rather than hinders and provides all the services above, then I guess you’ve found the right person! Plus I’m happy to help you and your staff navigate the building regulations and avoid the common pitfalls I typically see.
We run a very lean and mobile office, which in turn means we have the lowest overheads in the industry, which in turns means we are very confident in our ability to competitively price your job. I’m so confident, that we will quite happily beat any quote by 10% if you mail it to offer@agileapprovals.com.au 
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Need a Building Approval/Permit?

We are here to help! From start to finish and every step in between.

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